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Great Pyrenees

Our Great Pyrenees puppies come from working stock here on the farm. Our first Great Pyr we named "Rufus" sired 3 litters for a total of 27 puppies over a 2 year period with the dam, "Miss Sadie"  They have worked together taking care of the goats for about 8 years. After Rufus and Miss Sadie retired, we obtained a male puppy from another farm in the area.  We named him "Buddy Bear" and raised him to replace Rufus for breeding purposes. We also replaced "Miss Sadie" with a female puppy from another farm and named her "Bella".  Her first litter was born 3-27-12 and she had 8 puppies. Bellas most recent litter was born on  July 28, 2017.
Our puppies have the run of the farm and are introduced to the goats, chickens, cats and whatever else happens to be calling the farm home at the time.

As instinctive guardians,  these intelligent animals will ward off coyotes and other predators which may threaten your pets and children.

If you or someone you know is considering owning a Great Pyrenees for a pet or for a livestock guardian, please visit our Contact page and let us know how to contact you.

 Buddy Bear