Somewhere Place Else Farm
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Welcome to  Somewhere Place Else Farm
Former Home of Old Fashioned, All Natural, Gluten-Free Canning

We are sorry that due to circumstances we could not control and health issues, we have been forced to close the commercial kitchen. We had a great run, met thousands of people, had a lot of fun and provided over 65,000 jars of homemade food items to the great people of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky. To see what we were up to for 8 years between 2010 and 2018 you can watch Season 6, Episode 10 of the USDA and Pick Tennessee sponsored series "Live Green Tennessee" and learn more about Somewhere Place Else Farm. Please click on the WCTE-TV Cookeville "Live Green" logo below to play the video, our segment starts at 16:45 into the show.. 

    You can still connect with us on Facebook for up-to-date info about whats going on at the farm as we migrate into other areas of products designed for the health conscious citizens of middle Tennessee.


Many thanks to all those who visited our booth to sample and purchase our old fashioned, all natural, gluten-free, homemade canned goods. Since 2010 for 8 years, we setup a booth 344 times all over Middle Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and Georgia at Farmer's markets, music and arts and crafts festivals. It was a great adventure, but now its time to move on into other business ventures.

Always remember, if you've never been there, its probably time to go Somewhere Place Else

Our Mission - Preservation, Patience, Care, and Compassion

Our goal is simply an effort, not to return to the past, but to use our past experiences along with knowledge gained from others, to make our lives richer, healthier, and more productive.  Using old style tried and proven gardening techniques and old fashioned family canning recipes handed down thru generations, we are growing, processing, and preserving our fruits and vegetables,as well as our heritage, much in the same manner our ancestors did.  Our livestock shares the bounty of the land with us, consuming grass, hay and grains produced here, as well as fruit and vegetable by-products not used in the canning process.


Also here at Somewhere Place Else Farm,  we have adopted a somewhat non-traditional method of animal experience, and that is to provide more human interaction.  By treating our dogs, goats, chickens, and other livestock more as individuals and less like a food or income source, we have achieved a sense of a common bond by sharing this farm and life together, which has resulted in mutual benefits for both the animals and our family as well.

We believe every animal has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every animal needs to be recognized and treated as special. We believe in the natural approach to raising our goats and dogs. While the animals forage the pastures and woods, our Great Pyrenees naturally roam the livestock areas and homeplace,  offering superior guardian instincts to protect from predators on foot and in the air.

Browse our site to learn more about our goat and dog population as well as other aspects of life on the farm at Somewhere Place Else.

If you would like more info on our animals along with prices and availability please visit our Contact page.

Rufus (left and below) was our introduction to the world of the Great Pyrenees. He came to the farm in January 2004 at 4 mos. of age. A fierce guardian and loyal protector, he weighs in at about 150 lbs.  He watches over the goats day and night, moving from one pasture to another with the herd, scanning the perimeter and keeping a watchful eye above in case chickenhawks wander a little too close.